Celsius 2007

Celsius 2007 10.1

Program for the programming, control and logging of MEMMERT ovens with an RS-232
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Memmert GmbH + Co. KG

CELSIUS is a computer program for the programming, control and logging of MEMMERT ovens with an RS-232, or alternatively RS-485, USB or Ethernet interface.
With CELSIUS, you can:

. Create, change and save tempering profiles on your computer in graphical or tabular
. Control one or more MEMMERT ovens via one or more serial interfaces and log the current
values. up to eight ovens can be controlled via RS-232 or USB, and if RS-485 or Ethernet
interfaces are used (not for ovens of the E class), you can control up to 16 ovens simultaneously;
. If your oven is equipped accordingly, you can use the functions of the MEMoryCard XL,
i. e. to store a tempering profile on a MEMoryCard XL, as well as load tempering profiles
and protocols from a MEMoryCard XL, display this on the monitor and save it to a different
data medium (hard drive, USB stick);
. Read out, manage and document the internal ring protocol memory (1024 kB) of the
MEMMERT ovens;
. Print out tempering profiles and accompanying protocol data (depending on the oven
type, temperature, humidity, vacuum, CO2, O2, fan speed, air flap position and switch
contacts, see page 7 ) including GLP data, graphically or numerically.

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